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Robocat 4-Axis Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame EMAX MT2204 Motor 12A ESC CC3D Prop

Robocat 4-Axis Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame EMAX MT2204 Motor 12A ESC CC3D Prop

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Robocat 270mm 4-Axis Carbon Fiber Mini Quadcopter
- Wheelbase: 270mm
- Material: 100% Carbon fiber
- Removable hood make from shock-absorbing PC materials
- Flying weight: 410~430 (Battery excluded)
- Model net weight: 190g
- Hood color: Orange/Black/Pink/Yellow (optional. default black)
- 1.5mm thick fuselage & 3mm thick arms
- No assembled,just kit

EMAX MT2204 2300KV Motor:
- Light weight design
- Longer duration of flight
- Low CG Design, decreasing vibration when motor runs
- Using Japanese NMB ball bearing, Japanese Kawasaki stator, Ndfeb with strong magnetic and high temperature resistance, decreasing heat generation during pperation, increasing efficiency.
- CW and CCW Propeller adapters, holding the propellers tight.
- Designed for mini multicopters, better flight performance

- KV: 2300
- Max Trust: 440g
- No. of cell: 2-3S
- Framework: 12N14P
- Propeller: 5" - 6"
- Length: 32.2mm
- Shaft: 3mm
- Diameter: 27.9mm
- Weight: 25g

Emax SimonK 12A Brushless ESC Speed Controller:
- Based on Simon K firmware, further optimized to the perfect drive performance.
- Low-voltage protection, over-heat protection and self-check functions.
- Separate power supply for MCU and BEC, enhancing the ESC’s ability of eliminating magnetic interference.
- Parameters of the ESC can be set via program card or transmitter.
- Throttle range can be set to be compatible with different receivers.
- Equipped with built-in linear BEC or switch BEC.
- Max speed: 210,000 rpm for 2-pole, 70,000 rpm for 6-pole, 35,000 rpm for 12-pole.

- Continuous Current: 12A
- Burst current (10S): 15A
- Li-xx Battery (cell): 2-3
- Dimension (L*W*H): 25mm x 20mm x 7mm
- Weight wires Included: 9
- BEC Mode: Linear
- BEC Output: 1A/5V
- Programmable: Yes  

CC3D Flight Controller Introduction:
OpenPilot is a next-generation Open Source UAV autopilot. It is a highly capable platform for multi-rotor craft, helicopters, as well as fixed wing aircraft. It has been designed from the ground up by a community of passionate developers from around the globe, with its core design principals being quality, safety, and ease of use. Simplicity does not come with any compromises either: with no hard-coded settings, a complete flight plan scripting language and other powerful features, OpenPilot is an extremely capable UAV autopilot platform.


- Robocat 270mm FPV Quadcopter Frame x1
- ESC Connection Board x1
- EMAX MT2204 2300kv Brushless Motor x4
- EMAX 12A Simonk ESC x4
- 5030 Propeller CW&CCW x4
- CC3D Flight Control With Case x1


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